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Galvan FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put on Spey Weights?

First, remove the spool from the frame. On the back side of the spool you will see a space for torque weights. Place one of the weights into this space, making sure that it is properly seated. This will add 1oz. to the weight of your reel. If this not enough weight to balance with your Spey rod, add the additional weight to add a total of 2oz.

How do I remove Torque Weights?

First remove the spool from the frame. Then screw the extractor tool (included in the kit) into the threaded hole of the Torque Weight. Pull up gently, while rocking back and forth until the weight comes off. Repeat this process if you have more than one weight on your reel.
Note: If for some reason a weight becomes stuck in the spool, try lubricating the rubber gasket with hand soap and water.

How do I switch out my Galvan spool?

In order to release the spool from the frame of the reel, simply grasp the outside rim of the spool with thumb and middle finger. While pressing on the quick-release button in the center of the spool with your index finger, lightly lift the spool away from the frame. To replace the spool on the frame, grasp the spool in the same manner, depress the quick-release button and gently return the spool to the frame. Give the spool a small twist and it will drop into place with an audible click, and then release the button.

How do I switch from left to right hand retrieve?

To switch from left to right hand retrieve on the Torque, Rush Light and Spoke reels you must first remove the spool. At the base of the spindle assembly you will see a beige pawl pointing towards either an inscribed L or R on the left and right of the disc. If pointing towards L it is set for left hand retrieve and if pointing toward R, it is set for right hand retrieve. Grasp the pawl with thumb and forefinger and gently slide the pawl and pawl spring outward, removing it completely while taking care to keep the spring in its original form. Now place the pawl pointing towards the desired retrieve direction. Finally, gently place the pawl and pawl spring back around the disc and pawl slot. You are now set for opposite retrieve.

Can I send my reel to Galvan for service and cleaning?

Yes you may send it in to us for service and cleaning. There is a $50.00 charge plus shipping costs. If any parts need to be updated or we feel any parts need to be repaired or replaced, we will do so at no extra cost.

Are spools still available for the Standard and Open Back or OB reels?

Yes spools are still available for all reels except for the OB-6 and Spoke-8. The choice of color is limited to our stock selection. Please contact us for availability.

Where are the reels made?

Our reels are 100% fully machined and assembled by the Galvan family in Sonora, CA USA.

Where is Sonora?

Sonora is in the Sierra Nevada foothills between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.

Do you sell your reels direct to customers?

No we do not sell our reels direct to customers. We only sell through authorized dealers and distributors, who can be found here – Dealer Locator.

What is the difference between the Torque and Rush Reels? Do the spools interchange?

The Torque is a half ounce lighter than the Rush in sizes 3-6 and one ounce lighter in sizes 8-12. Also the overall look, machining of the spool, frame, knob, foot, ports and cutouts of the reel are different. However, they both use the same Torque drag system and materials. The spools interchange only on the same size Torque and Rush Light reels.

Do I need to lube my reel?

On occasion the Torque, Rush Light, Spoke and Brookie, depending on use, can use a small drop of reel lube on the spindle only.

Is my reel saltwater safe?

Yes, with care in cleaning like any other reel used in salt.

How do I register my Galvan reel?

To register your Galvan Reel please fill out and submit the online registration form here.