Equipment Maintenance and Care


Equipment Maintenance and Care


Galvan reels require very little cleaning and maintenance when used in freshwater. However, to keep your reel running smoothly we recommend an occasional wipe down of the spindle and a tiny drop of reel lube on the spindle.


By this we mean the reel has not been dunked. We recommend that you clean your reel every time after exposure to salt or alkali environments. To clean your reel, first loosen the drag all the way counterclockwise to the lowest setting and remove the spool from the the frame. Soak both in fresh, warm water. After soaking, rinse both the spool and the frame thoroughly, ensuring the drag area gets a little extra attention. Inspect the pawl area on the frame and the gear area on the spool for dirt, grit or build up. If any buildup is found, rinse a little more aggressively. Let the spool and frame air dry before replacing the spool back onto the frame and storing.


By this we mean the reel was dunked or heavily used in the salt with not much cleaning. We recommend a partial tear down of the drag assembly. To do this you must first remove the spool. Next, turn the frame over so that you see the back and using a flat head screwdriver, remove the screw that holds the drag adjustment knob in place. Remove the knob and knob washer revealing the 9/16’s spindle support nut. Now grasp the spindle with your thumb and fingers and using a socket wrench and 9/16’s socket, loosen counterclockwise and remove the spindle support nut. This will allow you to remove the drag assembly and provide access to the drag surface on the opposite side. This surface and the bottom surface of the drag assembly is what you want to clean with fresh, warm water. After cleaning, air dry and replace.

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