Galvan Tension System


Galvan Tension System

In 2013, Galvan Fly Reels introduced the ultra-lightweight Brookie reel and with it our proprietary version of the traditional click and pawl drag – the revolutionary new Galvan Tension System. The adjustable spool tension is made possible by Galvan’s new tension plunger which is backed by a silicone spring and adjustable set screw in place of the more common spring tension system found in traditional click and pawl reels. This set-and-forget element of the Galvan Tension System allows the angler to add a personal touch of customization to a click drag reel.

With a total of eight pieces in the frame and 13 pieces in the spool, including screws and springs, Galvan is bringing a new meaning to the words “elegant simplicity”. The spool tension comes preset to prevent spool overrun but is slightly adjustable with an included Allen wrench to fine-tune the tension to your personal liking. The tension plunger is constructed of Ertalyte TX®, which is the same proven material that we use in our Torque drag system.

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