There are many reasons a leader or tippet can break. A jerky drag should not be one of them. Galvan reels feel smooth both when a fish is taking line as well as when line is retrieved. This is a result of the reel having a very low startup inertia, which is low coefficient friction or the “transition from nothing to something, or no fish to fish on”.

With Galvan reels that transition is non-hesitant and smooth regardless of the drag setting. Low inertia on startup is intended to save light tippets, relative to the size of the outfit you are using and the size fish you are hunting. A lower startup inertia could possibly mean higher hook set and percentages of fish landed. This startup inertia on a Galvan reels is imperceptibly smooth because if your drag engages too suddenly and hesitates just a fraction on the fish’s first run, you can end up with a snapped tippet.

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